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We are a supplier for

Azulis Bag Collections is one of the exclusive supplier of the quality bags for Heartstrings Enterprises Inc.

We are also a St. Francis Square Department Store Consignor for almost three years.


We make sure that our products pass our quality standards for maximum customer satisfaction.

MULTI - use

A proud Marikeño Bag Maker, Azulis Bag Collection makes comfy bags that you can use for any situation or occasion.

Built to last

We are proud to guarantee the durability and toughness of our products that you could rely on.


We accept walk-in clients for their personal and customized bags. We also make corporate giveaways and gifts.

Select your fabric and materials then provide us with your cool designs!

Precise stitches

Our products are made with complex machines specific for massive bag manufacturing.

Every piece of bag we make is sewn with precise and clean stitches to meet the quality
standards that we instill on every product that we sell in the market.

made to last

Azulis-made bags are built tough and built to last even with extreme use. Thus, our products are reliable
for everyday use and are spacious enough to carry all your important personal stuff.

request a
made to order bags

Design your own and we make it for you with quality in an affordable price!

*We only accept Made-To-Order bags with a minimum of 50 Pieces per request.

Azulis Bag Collection

Monday – Sunday 8:00 AM – 5:00PM