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Azulis Bag Collection is a bag manufacturing company located in the City of Marikina, the Shoe Capital of the Philippines, where export-quality leather goods are made.

About eleven years ago, Marivic A. De Guzman established the company from humble beginnings on March 16, 2007. Since then, it has been making high quality bags until today.

Our products showcase the excellent workmanship of Marikina artisans in their use of clean lines that bring out the beauty of leather goods in its truest essence. This is how we ensure quality craftsmanship and durability of our products at reasonable prices.

From March 2007 up to the present, we have been an exclusive supplier of bags to Heartstrings Enterprises Inc. for almost ten years now.

Beginning February 2010 to August 2012, we have also been a St. Francis Square Department Store Consignor for almost three years.


We accept walk-in clients who can order personalized and customized bags. We can also make bags for corporate gifts and giveaways.
Azulis Bag Collection is found among the ranks of quality shoe and bag manufacturers in Marikina City.

We start off with a blank canvas

Our manufacturing of Azulis Quality bags begins on a blank piece of paper with the designing and drafting of the bag blueprint making sure that quality and functionality are not compromised by the aesthetic physical outlook.

We are a supplier for

Azulis Bag Collections is one of the exclusive suppliers of the quality bags for Heartstrings Enterprises Inc.

We are also a St. Francis Square Department Store Consignor for almost three years.

request a
made to order bags

Design your own and we make it for you with quality in an affordable price!

*We only accept Made-To-Order bags with a minimum of 50 Pieces per request.

Azulis Bag Collection

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