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We are a supplier for

Azulis Bag Collections is one of the exclusive supplier of the quality bags for Heartstrings Enterprises Inc.

We are also a St. Francis Square Department Store Consignor for almost three years.

AZULIS bag selections

JIO Printed

Starts as low as Php 150.00

Made of Microfiber textile. JIO is best for students with their productive school life. Large enough to fit books and materials for school. Selections can be made from different patterned designs in floral,
abstract and heart.

Backpack (LARGE)
Black, Mustard, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Fatigue, Red

Backpack (MEDIUM)
Fuchsia, Pink, Black, 

Backpack (SMALL)
Colors: Grey, Maroon, Navy Blue, Green, Fuchsia, Pink, Black


Ladies Bag (LARGE & MEDIUM)

A denim bag with two zippered pockets and a spacious main compartment. MADEL is your everyday bag that can store daily items and more.

Colors: Blue, Brown, Black


Starts as low as Php 150.00

Made of Nylon and Microfiber cloth. Selections can be made from either patterned design in heart, diagonal, floral, and abstract or plain black.

Colors: Black, Pink, Blue, Rust

Patterns: Heart, Diagonal, Floral, Abstract


Women's Tote Bag

Made of printed nylon. MK can contain your daily basic items with its multiple compartments.

Colors: Red, Brown, Maroon

Colors: Red, Brown, Maroon


We accept walk-in clients for their personal and customized bags. We also make corporate giveaways and gifts.

Select your fabric and materials then provide us with your cool designs!


Sports Bag

With large cylindrical compartments, CHOLE is ideal for keeping all your gym gear or travelling

Colors: Black, Pink, Maroon, Grey, Brown


Sling Bag

MEDINA dual sling bag is made of Microfiber material and is a great bag to make an
everyday fashion statement with.

Colors: Tan, Black, (Green) Fatigue, Pink


Traveling Bag

MALIC is a versatile bag with large compartments that makes it ideal for storing travelling gear and accessories when taking a trip.

request a
made to order bags

Design your own and we make it for you with quality in an affordable price!

*We only accept Made-To-Order bags with a minimum of 50 Pieces per request.

Azulis Bag Collection

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